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Root Canal Therapy

The majority of Dr. Lipkin’s Root Canal Treatment and Retreatment procedures are completed in just one visit. Dr. Lipkin utilizes modern techniques, technologies and anesthetics in his effort to maintain your comfort throughout the procedure.


Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is required when pulpal tissue becomes inflamed or infected. Causes may include:
• Deep decay
• Repeated dental procedures on the tooth
• Crack in the tooth
• Injury/trauma to a tooth

Dr. Lipkin performs Root Canal (Endodontic) Treatment by carefully removing inflamed or infected pulpal tissue from the canal spaces inside the roots; thereby saving your natural tooth. Dr. Lipkin then cleans and fills those root canals. A temporary filling is placed inside your tooth to seal the root canal treatment until you return to your dentist for the permanent filling or crown.

Dr. Lipkin uses a Dental Operating Microscope (DOM) in every treatment, throughout the entire procedure. The magnification and illumination enable him to carefully examine the inside of your tooth in order to:
• Visualize canal cleanliness
• Search for any additional canals or unusual anatomy
• Identify the type, location, and extent of a crack, if one is present
• Locate canal obstructions for removal; for example, posts and/or broken
  endodontic instruments
• Locate intracanal root defects for placement of root repair materials


Root Canal Retreatment

Most endodontically treated teeth last as long as other natural teeth. However, if the tooth doesn’t heal or becomes infected at a later date, retreatment may be needed to save the tooth. Causes may include:
• Narrow or curved canals were not treated during the initial procedure
• Complicated canal anatomy that went undetected in the first procedure
• The placement of the crown or other restoration was delayed following the
  endodontic treatment
• The restoration did not prevent salivary contamination to the inside the tooth
• New decay can expose the root canal filling material to bacteria, causing a new
  infection in the tooth
• A loose, cracked or broken crown/filling can expose the tooth to new infection
• A tooth fracture

In order to ‘re-do’ the root canal treatment in a tooth that has been previously treated, Dr. Lipkin must first remove any restorative materials like a crown, post or core materials, so that he can gain entry into the canals of the roots. Next, he removes the old root canal filling materials. Dr. Lipkin then cleans and fills those root canals. A temporary filling is placed inside your tooth to seal the root canal treatment until you return to your dentist for the permanent filling or crown.

SOURCE : www.aae.org

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Root Canal Therapy
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Volusia County based Volusia Endodontics, the office of Brad A. Lipkin, D.D.S., MMSc., provides quality root canal treatment and retreatment, focusing on non-surgical root canals. By offering a calm and comfortable environment in our state-of-the-art facility, we strive to make our patients’ endodontic visit a pleasant experience.

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